Abdullah from Germany

Hello language enthusiasts :abc::speaking_head:

My name is Abdullah and I was born and raised in Germany :de:,
that’s why I’m teaching :man_teacher: German on Chatterbug since one year.
Wow, time flies by very fast :mantelpiece_clock:.
My teaching style is friendly, fast but still detail-oriented.
What I like the most in Chatterbug is to see the student’s progress :man_student::woman_student: :chart_with_upwards_trend:
in learning German, which confirms the effectiveness of Chatterbug’s
interactive learning format coupled with my efforts.
I also like to get to know the student and talk about lots of different topics.
Of-course I enjoy to add some light-hearted humor :laughing: into the conversation
every now and then to make it more fun for the student.
In addition, during a live lesson with me you can expect to spontaneously talk with
me on German and not only do the Chatterbug exercises, which also have
its important place.
During the exercises I’m explaining various German language rules :spiral_notepad: in detail
together with examples so that you instantly understand them to be able
to apply the rules independently.

A bit info about me:
I like to watch and play football :tv::soccer:, I like to watch good action movies :movie_camera:,
I like to dance Salsa :dancer: and I like to do my workout to feel great :medal_sports:.