Alice from France, living in Berlin, Germany

Hello everyone!

My name is Alice and my mother tongue is French. I’m fluent in English and Spanish (Latino/Argentinian). I’ve been living in Berlin for two years and I’m currently B1 in German. For me, the best part of learning about another culture is with food! Nothing better to break the ice and digest that grammar :cheese: :wink:

I grew up in Paris, where I studied Art History and graphic design :woman_artist:t3: But after my studies I moved to the South East of France to the beautiful Drôme region where I worked in a Côte du Rhône vineyard (great office view!) :grapes: :mountain_snow: I really enjoyed living there, in the Rhône valley close to the pre-Alps mountains. Now I live in Berlin and love the variety of cultures and lifestyles here.

My latest passion is bouldering :woman_climbing: and I can’t get enough of it! When I started I was shy and scared of falling, but with time I realised that it’s part of the learning process :hear_no_evil: I find the bouldering community super positive and supportive. It gave me a lot of confidence, and it’s with this kind of attitude that I’d like to accompany students in Chatterbug :blush: :star2:


Welcome to the community Alice! How come you are fluent in spanish also?
Nice to have you here!


Bienvenue Alice !! Tu vas voir c’est un peu comme Berlin ici : on rencontre des gens du monde entier ! :wink:


Hey Larissa! Thank you :)) I learned it at school, then I had a lot of Colombian and Ecuadorian colleagues in the vineyard in France where I was working, and then I travelled to Argentina (actually to train horses, funny that you ask!) and fell in love with the country!! (I saw very nice horse pics :heart_eyes:)

Merci Amandine :blush: Trop bien, j’ai hâte! ^^

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cool! what kind of horses did you train?

Hola, Alice :happyllama:. Wow que vista tan maravillosa, parece el lugar perfecto para trabajar. Imagino extrañas el buen clima, pero Berlín también tiene mucho que ofrecer. Diviértete mucho en tus clases :blush: À bientôt!

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They were arab horses, training for endurance:) Nothing high level, it was a family thing. But really nice, going out in the mountains every day. You’re still around horses in México?

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Hey Sandra! Sii, era muy lindo allá. Y tenés razón, Berlin tiene otras ventajas;)) Es otra cosa! Por suerte no está lejos y puedo volver a visitar seguido :relaxed: Gracias por el welcoming message! :hugs:

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Yes! I live on a family ranch with 39 horses :slight_smile: we breed quarter horses and have a riding school which is really fun!