Aline from Zurich, living on the Red Sea coast in Egypt

Hi there! :grinning:

Current note:
Thanks to more tourism, I have a lot of work on the water, teaching kitesurfing, currently, and therefore less time to teach on Chatterbug. Nevertheless, I try to find time for German lessons at least in several evenings. I hope to see some of you soon for an evening lesson!

I was born and grown up in one of the most popular and beautiful cities of Switzerland :switzerland:: Zurich. However, my adopted home since almost one year is a small city, located at the Red Sea, in Egypt :egypt:.

Why Egypt? – Well, I guess, I just followed my heart… During my studies I used to come here whenever possible and after my graduation last winter, I decided to start my next adventure here. I have to mention that I am a passionate kitesurfer and the Red Sea has some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Therefore, I used to work in a kitesurfing school, what gave me the chance to spend a lot of time on the water. And then, Corona came to our world and changed my plan…

However, plans are made to change them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
…this is how I came to Chatterbug. :catbee: And I have to say: I love it! It is much more than sharing my mother tongue. It is also an exchange of cultural habits and experiences, what makes me learn a lot, too.

More about me:

My native language is Swiss :switzerland:, though my official mother tongue is German :de:. I am fluent in English :us: and Italian :it:, I speak French :fr:, I know Latin and some basics of Swahili :tanzania: :kenya:, and currently I study Egyptian Arabic :egypt:.

We Swiss start in early school years to learn French (at least the German speakers) and English. I cannot say that I counted to the talented ones :sweat_smile:, but I kept going. I had the goal to speak Italian fluently one day, as I have family roots there. I went to a bilingual arts highschool and I’ve made an erasm in Florence. Thereafter, I changed direction by deciding to study psychology in Zurich. After that, you already know how it went on… :wink: .

During my education it happened a lot to me that I profited from my versatile language knowledge. So, I started to love languages even more. While travelling through Eastern Africa, I teached English and other subjects voluntarily and in turn I learned the basics of the Swahili language. My current, and until now biggest challenge is to learn (Egyptian) Arabic.

Next to kitesurfing and learning more about cultures and languages, I love to talk about human and psychology, as well as travels (I am a big fan of Italy :it: and whole Africa :earth_africa:) and arts :art:. To keep a physical balance I also enjoy playing volleyball :volleyball: and snowboarding :snowboarder:t5: (what I unfortunately miss out in Egypt).

I am looking forward to meet you in our next live lesson! :sunny:


Welcome to the Chatterbug Community @Aline4!

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hello @Aline4, I am already from Egypt, I can talk a little English and a little Deutsch. :joy: :joy: :heartbeat: :joy: :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you visit the pyramids? :slightly_smiling_face: :airplane:

Hi Mohaned,

Nice meeting you!
No, unfortunately, I didn’t visit the pyramids yet. But it is on my list for this fall/winter :grin: Right now it is just tooooo hot to travel :laughing:

Where do you live in Egypt?

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yeah :grin: :grin:

Kafr Nassar at the pyramids in (giza government) :laughing:

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