Alois from Franmany

Sorry for this bad title pun, was meant to be a mix between france and germany, but i couldn’t manage to come up with anything better… so if you have any suggestions go ahead!

Back to the subject at hand… Present yourself Alois, and stick to the topic!

Hi dear chatterbug community,

As you might have noticed I have a very flawed sense of humor, but I am working on it!
Besides being an awful joke teller, I am a sunday alpinist and a saturday party freak… not always easy to combine…

Back to the serious bit, I am 21 year old undergrad’ business administration student, actually studying in germany but grew up a bit all around the world (france, UK, singapore). I also like to read a lot, mainly about history, ethics and human behaviour.
Through my travelling I learned to speak French, German and English and am currently learning Spanish. I am always looking forward to interacting with people in their language or teach them mine! So join me to learn French (or German, I’m tutor for both) and we’ll get you to fluent in no time and hopefully have a bit of fun on the way!

I am thrilled to be part of this community! can’t wait to meet you all!
A la prochaine!