Andrea from Mexico

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrea, I’m 39 years old, and I’m from México, but I live in Helsinki, Finland. I have been living here already for 10 years! I have edited this introduction every year and it baffles me every time changing the number of years I have been here, time flies like a bug into a windshield on a highway!
I am a Visual Artist, and I’m currently finishing my PhD in Contemporary Art.

I have worked in Chatterbug for four years. And I have enjoyed every minute of it!
I enjoy a lot the live lessons, there is always amazing people learning Spanish, and I try to make the live lessons a place where to feel comfortable in tackling a new language and not stress on the mistakes we think we make. Focus on what you know and go from there, not on what you don’t. No muss, no fuss.

My native language is Spanish, and I speak English, a bit of Italian, a bit of French. And at the moment I am also studying Finnish. For the time being my capacity of what I can say in Finnish is limited but as long as you know the phrase “No niin” you-are-set. “Andrea, did you bring the bread?” “ahhh no niin!” (meaning oh no… I forgot). “Andrea, let’s go for a drink” “No niin!” (meaning hell yeah!). It all depend how you say “no niin” and you are set, you would be able to carry a small talk conversation with a stranger with it (done and proven).

I love reading, writing, plants, grilling, forests, and of course, cheese. I love movies, memes, gifs, and bad puns.


Lovely introduction, Andrea! Since you mention you love memes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this thread: User Challenge of June :slight_smile:

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Hey Andrea! How’s it going? :wave:

Hello Samuel! I can see your message.

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@giulia.munaretto una disculpa por cancelar nuestra sesión de mañana con tan poco tiempo de antelación, pero tengo fiebre en este momento y no sé como amaneceré. ¡Espero podamos tener una sesión en vivo pronto!

@giulia.munaretto apologies for cancelling our live session with such a short notice, however I am with a fever at the moment and I’m unsure on how I will be in the morning. I hope we can connect and have a live session together soon!

Hola, Andrea! Lo siento :worried: Que te recuperes pronto!

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Hola Giulia,
Muchas gracias :sneezing_face: :blue_heart: