Anika from Germany

Hi there!

My name is Anika, I am 23 years old and currently live in Germany. I studied English and History at the University of Heidelberg and am currently living near Freiburg. I love learning languages and have a long list of languages I hope to learn one day.
Languages are very interesting and important. I find them to be directly related to how different cultures function as well as to how different people think.

A little bit more about me:
I love meeting new people.
I love the ocean.
My two favourite seasons are Christmas and Summer.
I love animals and have had quite a few pets.
I enjoy discovering new places.
I have a long list of countries I want to visit.
Generally it can be said that I love being out and about, experiencing new things.

Chatterbug is a great community to be a part of and I can’t wait to meet and chat with you, while helping you learn a new language.
See you soon!


Welcome to the community Anika :slight_smile:


Hi Anika, a warm welcome also from me :wave::blush:



Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community @Anika_S! Happy to have you!


hallo anika
ich bin so glücklich dich yu kennen

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