Anja from Germany

A sunny hello to everyone from lovely Dresden, Germany :de:

My name is Anja and I currently live in my hometown in Saxony, Germany, but can’t wait to start exploring the world again and go on another international adventure. I would describe myself as an open-minded, active and creative language enthusiast, who believes that languages open doors to new cultures, friendships and professional opportunities. I am thrilled to share this passion as a German tutor!

If you don’t hear me talk to people in German, English, French or Italian (and hopefully Spanish someday :crossed_fingers:) you’ll probably see me dance or teach a fitness class. :dancer:

After having travelled, worked and taught German, English and intercultural courses abroad (Italy, France, Belgium and Australia to name a few), I am currently completing the Goethe Institute’s online class “Teach German as a Foreign Language” and can’t wait to start tutoring!

Chat soon :sunny:



Hi Anja, willkommen im Team! Schön, Dich dabei zu haben :slight_smile:


Hi @AnjaBrueckner - welcome to the tutor community!

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