Anja from Germany

A sunny hello to everyone from lovely Dresden, Germany :de:

My name is Anja and I currently live in my hometown in Saxony, Germany, but can’t wait to start exploring the world again and go on another international adventure. I would describe myself as an open-minded, active and creative language enthusiast, who believes that languages open doors to new cultures, friendships and professional opportunities. I am thrilled to share this passion as a German tutor!

If you don’t hear me talk to people in German, English, French or Italian (and hopefully Spanish someday :crossed_fingers:) you’ll probably see me dance or teach a fitness class. :dancer:

After having travelled, worked and taught German, English and intercultural courses abroad (Italy, France, Belgium and Australia to name a few), I am currently completing the Goethe Institute’s online class “Teach German as a Foreign Language” and can’t wait to start tutoring!

Chat soon :sunny:



Hi Anja, willkommen im Team! Schön, Dich dabei zu haben :slight_smile:


Hi @AnjaBrueckner - welcome to the tutor community!

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Hallo Anja, bist du tutor hier noch?? danke

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Hi @juliemac, @AnjaBrueckner is still a tutor! She is currently moving though, so she took some time off. If you have her favorited, you can check on her individual schedule and will see when she’s back. Here you can find out how to favorite a tutor.


Thank you for your response @kjanina :slight_smile:

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HI @AnjaBrueckner, bist du immer noch ein Tutor bei Chatterbug?

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Hallo @juliemac :sunny: Ja, ab und zu :star_struck: Vor allem am Wochenende :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

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super, danke für deiner antwort :slight_smile: