Anna from Austria, living in Austria and Indonesia

Hi everyone,

I’m Anna, 26 years old and grew up in Lower Austria, Austria. I studied Geography in Vienna and anytime as soon as I had saved enough money, I booked a flight and started seeing other places.

Over the last years I spent most of my time in New Zealand or Indonesia. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to live close to the ocean again. I speak German and English and was intensely learning Indonesian before I decided to move back to Austria to give birth to my son. Currently I am learning JavaScript and enjoying the challenge :nerd_face:

I have a love and fascination for different countries and cultures and obviously languages. I enjoy teaching my native language as much as I enjoy speaking foreign languages. There is nothing more exciting to me than to be able to communicate in a foreign country with the locals, even if its just ordering Nasi Campur (mixed rice dish, try it!! SO GOOD) in Indonesia or being able to understand the subway conversations of strangers in New York (because let’s be honest, sometimes we forgot our headphones at home and cannot „unhear“ our seat neighbor’s conversation :rofl:).

I think it’s awesome that you decided to learn German and I am happy to do it together with you! Maybe you are keen to get to know some Austrian German words such as „servus“, or „Schlawiner“ :slight_smile:

I just read this quote from Georges Braque:

„I could never distinguish the beginning from the end“-

I love that. I think learning languages relates to this. It is continuous.

Cannot wait to meet you during a lesson!

Until then, have a good one!



Hi Anna :happyllama: Welcome to Chatterbug! I totally agree with you there is nothing like asking a native something in their language or hearing something and finally understand what it means (even if we shouldn’t been listening :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). Have fun in your LL and beautiful quote by the way! Tschüss!


Hey @AnnaTori! You are welcome at Chatterbug! Enjoy tutoring!

Just a little question: Did learning Indonesian help you to learn “JavaScript” :rofl: (sorry, bad joke :pensive:)


Great quote! I totally agree. Welcome to the Community!

( @SKrausser Your joke made me chuckle! :smile: )

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Nice to meet you Anna! I have heard only great things about Indonesia from my Chatterbug students and I hope to be able to visit sometime in the future.
Welcome to the community!


very funny! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: