Anna from Freiburg, Germany

Hello everyone :wave:t3:,

my name is Anna and I live in a small town close to the beautiful city of Freiburg in the very south of Germany.

I studied Social Work and Adult Education in Stuttgart and worked with families from all over the world at a refugee camp for about 2 years. At the moment I work at a childcare center with children under 3 years (so I guess I can describe myself as a very patient person).

Together with my partner, I have traveled around the world for the last 3 years. We started our trip in Germany and traveled all the way to Australia without taking a plane. We traveled with busses, trains, hitchhiked, sailed, walked, and biked. We spent 9 months in New Zealand and another 9 months in Canada, before moving back to our hometown a few months ago.

I have a dog named Peanut and I love exploring the surrounding area with her.

I love to meet new people and am looking forward to supporting you on your journey to learn german. I know how hard it is to learn a new language and therefore I’m an accomodating and encouraging tutor.

I’m happy to be part of the chatterbug community and looking forward to meeting you.

All the best,



Hi Anna!,
Nice profile, welcome to Chatterbug :slight_smile:


Welcome Anna! This long trip is super inspiring (I also stopped taking the plane but for the moment I just took the train to the countries bordering France…) :star_struck:!


Welcome @Anna_S :blush: Wow working with children under 3 is not an easy task :yum: but it is a cute age and they are discovering the world.

It’s nice to have you here :hugs:.

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Thanks JoAnn! I’m happy to be here :slight_smile:

Haha, yes it’s quiet challenging. But I love to suppert them in their developent. It’s very exiting!


Oh that’s so great to hear. I love long train rides :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Such a cool introduction Anna! Nice to have you here!

A very personal and informative profile. By travelling so much you must have met a lot of interesting people - as you will do here. Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Hello Anna,

I had session with you today but couldn’t show up on time.
I am so sorry for that.
Das tut mir wirklich leid.

Best regards

Thanks! Yes, I love meeting all those interesting Chatterbugs :slight_smile:

Hello Berk,

don’t worry about it. Thank you so much for your message. Looking forward to meet you in another live lesson :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend.


Thanks Lari,

I’m happy to be here and meeting all of you :slight_smile:

Hi Anna,

nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:


Nice to meet you too!

Hi Anna. I am interested in direct face to face classes for my 13 year old daughter. We live in Freiburg. She is familiar with the language because of family but never learnt formally. Thanks for your feedback. Unna

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Hi @Unnach,

It’s great to see you’re interested in connecting with our Chatterbug tutors, however the Community Forum is not a place for sharing personal information. You can read about this in our Community Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, Per our Terms of Service, children under 13 are not allowed to study on Chatterbug. Upon verification of their age with a parent or guardian, a child of 13 years or older may take lessons online with Chatterbug. However, please keep in mind that teaching children requires us to provide learning material that’s adapted to young learners and categorized by age, and unfortunately, our current curricula is geared solely towards adult learners. Because of that, we also don’t provide Chatterbug tutors with special training to lead video lessons with children.

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Thank you!