Anne from France

Bonjour à tous ! :wave:

I am Anne, I come from the beautiful and rainy Bretagne , in France :clipperton_island: , and after travelling for two years :desert_island:, I settled in the beautiful, less rainy, and sparkling Berlin :de:.

I’m learning German, and web development (to realize my childhood dream and make a website about penguins :penguin:… I’m kidding… maybe not :wink:)
I’m passionate about languages, and the amazing worlds they open, and I think it’s always better to have fun while learning something new and challenging :muscle: !

I’ve been a literature teacher for two years, after a French language Master. I also did a bunch of other jobs, and I went back to teaching (French as a foreign language this time) about two years ago and I love it !

So part of my job is as a tutor with Chatterbug and I really like the structure of the courses and the subjects it provides for conversation :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll like it too ! :pray:


Hi Anne! Very cool intro!

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