Antonia from England/Germany

Hello there,
I thought I’d introduce myself! My name is Antonia, I was born in England but grew up in southern Germany :mountain_snow: I moved to Berlin a few years ago to study and have found my second home here. Growing up bilingual made me a bit of a language nerd, so I enjoy learning about languages, the etymology of weird phrases and comparing dialects and idioms. I speak English and German fluently, learned French and Spanish at school and studied Sinology (Chinese Studies) at university - I even did a semester in Taiwan! :taiwan:

I work at Chatterbug and help out in the curriculum teams - proofreading, translating and answering students’ grammar/vocab questions - and also help host some of our ChatterNacht events. I even tutored for a while! Before that? I have been known for choosing weird jobs, such as making bouquets for a flower service :bouquet: writing copy for galleries and blogs :writing_hand: recording voice-overs for YouTube videos :film_strip: performing as a percussionist in orchestras :drum: and acting in (semi-)professional theatre productions :performing_arts: Jack of all trades, master of none… :woman_shrugging:

I love Chatterbug for many reasons, but the most striking is that everyone I work with is so passionate about languages and I get to talk to so many students from all over the world!

Enough about me! I look forward to meeting more of you soon :slight_smile: