Ariel from Austria

UPDATE May 2022: I am currently moving from Lisbon to Vienna again and have a surgery coming up, therefore I will only be available sporadically until July! Thank you for your understanding and wishing you all the best on your language and life quests! Looking forward to connecting with all of you again soon <3*******
Hello, dears, my name is Ariel_ and I’m known for somehow always being on the move! :sunny:
I was born and raised in Austria (most of the time), but my parents both came from different countries. Thanks to this, I grew up multilingual and was kind of predestined to become a language enthusiast!

By now, I speak six and a half languages, all of which I have learned - and taught- in different ways. Therefore I know the various challenges of learning a language first hand! :ocean:
Growing up with Czech, some Arabic, and German, I added English and Spanish in high school.
Later, during my studies at university, I was lucky enough to go to Brazil for a while, a country I have always been drawn to because of the awesome music! :yellow_heart: That’s where I started learning Portuguese by ear, just by being in that environment and making friends, whom I taught English or German in exchange! :yellow_heart:
Sadly I couldn’t take being so far from my loved ones but decided to settle in Portugal, to finish my studies in Philosophy.
Life still took me to Berlin and Vienna for some time after that, to begin a doctorate, but as I had also studied art and been working in that field for a while, I soon had to choose between freelance or academic work: and I took the risk of the more adventurous life on the road as an artist! :boom:
The topics I am concerned with the most in my work are mainly questions of social justice: how can we make a good life possible for all people, regardless of their origin, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, etc. and how do we lead “good” lives?

This is also connected to my love for learning and teaching languages: not only do you get smarter in vocabulary and grammar through that, but you also develop your creativity, a wealth of experience, cultural knowledge, and social skills! Everything you need for a free heart and mind.

:space_invader: I’m never bored: when I am not working I like to read, watch movies, “play” Capoeira, try to make music, go climbing and study and practice meditation.
If possible, accompanied by our adventurous cats and my wonderful friends! Without kind people (and animals), everything would only be half as nice and I am happy about every person with whom I can talk and exchange conversations. In this respect, Chatterbug as an additional job is a perfect match for me - many open-minded people from all over the continent, talking, learning, sharing, and laughing with each other. You only learn to speak by speaking and Chatterbug is a great way to tackle this challenging part of mastering a language in a positive and supporting framework!

:sunny: In this sense, I hope to be able to support many of you on your way and hope to hear from you soon! :sunny:

Warm wishes

I will also be using this thread to reach out to students to whom I promised to look for materials or answer questions I didn’t have a definitive answer too right away :yellow_heart: :ocean: :sunny:


Hey Ariel, what a beautiful name! I am also Austrian, so happy to meet you! Hope you enjoy your Chatterbug time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @adritamoon , likewise , both on having a very beautiful name and hoping your are enjoying your time here as much as I do so far :yellow_heart: :ocean: :sunny: :space_invader:
Thanks for the warm welcome! :orange_heart:


STUDENT REACH OUT: :space_invader:

Dear @Dalia1868, I found the info on how you can adjust your level yourself meanwhile:

Warm regards and speak to you soon :smiley:


STUDENT REACH OUT :space_invader:
Dear @PauloA, please find attached a summary of the Dativ/Akkusativ ground rules !

Best of success and luck with mastering B1+B2!! :mango: :smiley:

Lieber @lcasei, Natanel, hilft dir das auch? Alles Liebe, Ari

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STUDENT REACH OUT :space_invader:

Dear @Asami, as promised, here is additional material to study the Genetiv in German!
Wishing you all the best and hope to speak to you soon :sunny: :cherry_blossom:

STUDENT REACH OUT :space_invader: @tester6399

Hi Lee, since I couldn’t finish explaining a phrase in our session,
I’m giving you a little summary and some additional information here! :bulb:
However, there are a lot of expressions and idioms making use of the word “stoßen” in German, therefore I will only mention the main use and our example, plus a popular additional one.

:pushpin: Our phrase was similar to this:
“Hans ist auf eine wichtige Information gestoßen.”

Das Verb “stoßen” hat mehrere Bedeutungen:

  1. physisch: eine Person oder einen Gegenstand stoßen
    (alternativ: einen Stoß versetzen) to push or shove someone/something
    1.1. zusammenstoßen: Zwei Autos sind zusammengestoßen. Two cars bumped into each other (they collided)
    1.2. gegen etwas stoßen - to bump against something
    1.3 durchstoßen - to bump or pierce through something. (Wir haben die Wand durchstoßen)
    and some more, depending on the prefix!

2. auf etwas stoßen
2.1. auch physisch: Auf einen Schatz stoßen. (to come across/discover a treasure)
Beispielsatz: Auf dem Flohmarkt bin ich auf eine sehr seltene Kamera gestoßen.
(On the flea market I came across a very rare camera)
2.2. (fig.) auf eine Information stoßen (to come across an information) z.B. im Internet, in einem Buch
oder auch: auf ein Problem stoßen, auf Zustimmung stoßen,…(to run into a problem, to be met with approval,…)

So it can be used when referring to a physical occurrence or figuratively!
Another example of stoßen with a different prefix:

  1. anstoßen (to push something slightly, an initiating push)
    3.1. Die Gläser anstoßen. (To clink glasses, for example, to celebrate an occasion)
    popular expression: Darauf stoßen wir an! (figuratively: We will drink to this! But referring to the clinking of glasses)
    3.2. eine Diskussion anstoßen (to initiate or ignite a discussion)

Hoffe das hilft! :sunny:
Falls du Fragen hast, kannst du mich gerne noch mal morgen in unserer Live Lesson fragen! :rainbow:
Alles Liebe und einen schönen Abend, Ari :ocean:

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Hi @Ariel!

Sorry das ich habe nicht geantwortet. Es tut mir sehr leid.

Danke schön! Alle diese Tabelle sind hilfreicht.

Bis nächstes mal!


Danke schön für das Gespräch.

Ich habe den Film bei der Heinrich Böll Stiftung sehen können (online). Am Montag den 22.02.21 gab es eine Debatte.

Vielleicht wird diese Debatte in youtube. Ich finde die noch nicht und werde weiter suchen.
Schönen Tag noch und bis bald.

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Liebsten Dank @Georgine ! Ich danke dir auch für das interessante Gespräch und hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder! Alles Liebe!