Artur from Germany

Hey there!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My name is Artur and I live in the beautiful Hessen which is close by to Frankfurt.:city_sunset:
As of now, I am studying economic computer science and will finish that soon.

I am with Chatterbug since Nov. 2017 and have met many wonderful people thus far. I definitely like to talk with people all over the world and provide them the opportunity to get comfortable speaking German.

As for myself, I speak German :de: also speak Russian :ru: and English :uk: . You all are welcome.

As for my hobbys , I am a Fan of the football team Eintracht Frankfurt. I enjoy doing sports, hiking and travel with my bicycle, exploring as I go. One could say, the more nature is involved, the more enjoyment I take out of it.
I also am a bit of a coffee fanatic, I love to learn everything there is about the art of coffee making and getting into a bit of a exchange with the people I met about preparing and brewing the various beans that exist.

Iā€™m a bubbly and talkative person, so usually my lessons are a lot of fun

I look forward to meeting you!
So long, Artur =)