Ary from the US, living in Germany

Hi everyone! My name is Ary, I was born and raised in Miami in the US :us:. I have been living near Ulm, Germany :de: for about two years now. I was previously studying International Relations :earth_americas: in FL but then I eventually moved to Germany and changed course. I speak English, Spanish (Latin- America) and German (B2) as well as some Brazilian Portuguese. I am fascinated with languages and I am a language teacher and tutor in my local community here in Germany. I am preparing myself simultaneously to begin my studies here in Germany in Education within the next year. I am also a writer :writing_hand:, I write poetry as well as fiction. I am very excited to be here, nice to meet you all! :books: :blossom:



Bienvenida @AryoryKarakus :blush:

Muchas gracias :smiley:

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Hi Ary! Welcome to Chatterbug, what a cool and adventurous bio! :slight_smile:

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Hi JoAnn! Thank you very much! :smiley:

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Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community, Ary!

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Thank you, Megan! :smiley: