Aurore, french, from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Bonjour everybody !!
I’m Aurore, from Lille (north of France), i’m living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) since 2008, i’m almost porteña (from Buenos Aires ;-)).
I love practising sport (i used to play rugby, i love riding bicycle, doing crossfit, etc). I’ve been working in sport industry and really would like to do it again!
I love nature (mountains especially) and doing outdoor activities (trekking, hiking, bike) .
I really enjoy travelling (especially in South America; i’m a South America fan haha, but i’ve also been living 1 year in New Zeland and travelled in few other countries in the World).
I love knowing people from everywhere, discovering new cultures and sharing some experiences and moments!
I’ve been teaching french in Argentina and NZ and spanish in France, i really like teaching and see the student feeling more confident, i like sharing my culture (food, landscape, cultural customs, etc)!
Have a wonderful day !! A bientôt!