Bassano, teaching French and living in Vienna

Hello everyone :sunflower:

I am Bassano, i love languages, new sounds and imaginaries that they open.

:red_circle: :orange_circle: L A N G U A G E S :yellow_circle: :large_blue_circle:
I grew up mostly with French and Italian languages, and I am living at the moment in Vienna, Austria. The language of my heart is probably Spanish and I navigate daily life in English, Portoñol (a mix of Portuguese and Spanish) and German. At the moment I am diving into Portuguese from Brasil and continue to learn Moroccan Darija.

//// JOY & :cloud: :large_orange_diamond: :purple_circle:
I am deeply curious and enthusiastic, I love to sing with friends and dance always !
I love science fiction as a portal to realities and possibility of change.
I believe in the power of imagination :sun_with_face:

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I am working mostly in creating sounds for performances and films. I am always hand crafting with whatever I encounter, wood, threads and colours. At the moment I am going more into depth in my relation with plants focusing on herbal medicine and social justice.


:lemon: :cherries: ¡¿ON SE VOIT BIENTÔT ?! :strawberry: :tangerine:

J’ai hate de te rencontrer, rire ensemble et apprendre. Je suis patiente et j’ai travaillé pendant plusieurs années comme correctrice éditoriale en Français et traductrice (de l’Italien et l’Espagnol au Français).

I am very looking forward to meet you, laugh and learn together. I am patient and I have worked several years as editor in French and translator (from Italian and Spanish to French).

A très vite !



Wahou tu parles beaucoup de langues différentes et ton travail a l’air super intéressant :blush:
Bienvenue chez Chatterbug @Bassano ! :hugs:

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wii merci ! :lemon::cloud: :lemon: très belle journée à toi

Salut @Bassano :blush:

Welcome! We are glad to have you here :hugs:

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us!