Chris from Germany 🇩🇪

Hallo zusammen!

About me
I was born and bred in southern Germany: I’m originally from a small town in the north of Bavaria, later I moved to Nuremberg for university. During my time there, I seized the opportunity to study and spent a fair amount of time abroad: First I lived in the lovely northern English city of York where I became passionate aboute black tea. Two years after that, I moved to the vibrant Spanish capital of Madrid, only to develop a serious weakness for Tapas.

Talk to me in…
My native language is German :de: and I am fluent in English :uk:. Currently I’m aiming to raise my Spanish :es: to this level, too. In school I attended classes of French :fr:, but I have to admit that it got a bit rusty since then. Only recently, I started giving Portuguese :brazil: a try.

Besides chatterbug…
I enjoy sports, both doing it myself as well as watching others do it, indie, rock, and latin music, quizzes, and reading books and newspapers.

My final remark
Enough about me, I hope you’re having a great time here on Chatterbug and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!