Christina from Germany

Hallo ihr Lieben! :raising_hand_woman:
My name is Christina and I am currently studying International Social Work in Southern Germany!:sunny:
Before I moved out here, I did a voluntary year in Nicaragua, where I was working with kids in a childcare service.
I would describe myself as a positive, active and open-minded person.
Teaching is a thing I love to do and I am really looking forward to meeting you guys!
You are free to ask me whatever you want and I am sure we´ll have a great time together. :slight_smile: :blush:

See you soon,


Hey! I know you! Welcome to tutoring!

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Wie kann ich mit ihnen sprechen / lernen?

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Welcome to the tutor Community @Christina_Marie :slight_smile:

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Hi @alpacas, welcome to Chatterbug! :catbee:

To see Christina’s availability and to book a Live Lesson with her, you just have to open her tutor profile, by clicking on her name. On her profile, you can favorite her. Afterwards you can see her availability on your Schedule Page.

Have fun in your Live Lesson! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Christina_Marie… Chatterbug said you might have been trying to book me with my student profile. This is my tutor profile. I think you can book me by clicking on my name here. Hope to see you soon!

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Welcome :smiley: Happy to have you in the community!

Hello everyone, how may I practise conversation with Tutor?

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First, you can go to the tutor introductions section of the forum and favorite a tutor

But that’s optional.

To book a Live Lesson, please go to the Live Lessons section of your dashboard.

Here you can see your favorite tutors and their availability. Just click on the slot and book a Live Lesson.