Christina from Switzerland, living in Indonesia

Heii everyone!

My name is Christina and I was born and raised in Switzerland. My curiosity to learn about and immerse myself in other cultures drew me to Indonesia 2 years ago, where I currently live.

I’ve been working as a School Teacher for many years, also here in Indonesia and I enjoy helping people learn something new and sharing my knowledge. Especially learning new languages is so meaningful because it connects people and gives you the opportunity to get to know other cultures even closer. I know from myself that learning a new language can be challenging and that’s why I would love to support you and help you along your way to reach your goal.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon
warm wishes, Christina


Welcome, @CristinaK :blush:

We are glad to have you here :happyllama:!

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Welcome Christina!
Do you speak (or are you learning) an Indonesian language then? :slightly_smiling_face:
If you have any questions about the platform, do not hesitate to ask! :catbee:

Thank you Amandine :slight_smile:
I’m still learning Bahasa Indonesia, would be so nice if you had it here actually :wink:

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Hello @CristinaK!
Welcome to Chatterbug :catbee:

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Hi @CristinaK,

nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:


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Hi @CristinaK, nice to meet you, sounds very interesting, born in Switzerland and living in Indonesia. For me it’s similar, I’m from Germany but for 16 years in sunny Mexico. :smiley: Wish you all the BEST for your tutoring on Chatterbug!


Hi Heidi, thank you :slight_smile: Nice to meet you too!!

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