Cristal from Peru

I was born and am still living in Lima, Peru; the land of the Inca Empire that has been chosen for the 7th consecutive year, the best culinary destination in the world :plate_with_cutlery: :yum: !! with over 3,000 different varieties of Potato, several touristic places including one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Macchu Picchu :sunrise_over_mountains: , and so much more I would fill up this intro just talking about Peru :joy: oops.

Here’s a bit about me:

I’m 23 years old and have been a tutor for Chatterbug for more than a year and I must say I love the culture of this company and love every single one of my students. Really. I have a lot of fun meeting you, knowing about your culture, your life, and helping you improve your Spanish.
To me, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your progress.

I started learning English when I was 7 years old, and have been studying it on and off for the next couple of years. The main reason my English is how it is, is because I would always watch every show and movie in English, practice with natives online or in real life… I even trained myself to THINK in English. A few years back I realized my love for languages and started learning Korean and Italian on my own, but I’d keep my focus on English because I want to perfect it.

I’m lucky to have the possibility to translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English in another company I’m working for as a marketer and prospector.

In the future, I’d like to speak five languages (aside of Spanish) and be fluent as fast as possible. So now, I’m working hard to be able to pursue that dream and others, like travelling around the world and helping people.

Right now, I can learn French with Chatterbug and know the great platform it is for people like me, that enjoy learning languages or are learning a language for any other reason and need to do it in their free time while enjoying being all cozy at home.:house_with_garden: :two_hearts:

Things I like: food!!:stew::ramen::spaghetti::pizza::hot_pepper:, languages :capital_abcd:, all cultures :shinto_shrine: :city_sunset::national_park::earth_asia:, travelling :airplane::bullettrain_side:, nature :maple_leaf::palm_tree::evergreen_tree:, videogames :video_game::computer_mouse:, makeup :lips:, anime, knick knacks- cute tiny stuff :teddy_bear:, swings, tattoos, pastel colors and black, camping :camping:, nail art :nail_care:, dying my hair different colors :sweat_smile::rofl:, and more~

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon! :relaxed:


Peru should hire you to front their tourism adds. Reading your bio got me googling “Peruvian cuisine” and low-key planning a trip there :innocent::sweat_smile:


Same @nicoleakakpo ! There was also a Peruvian restaurant called ‘Central’, I think :thinking:, on the Netflix series, Chef’s table. It looked soooo good. Made me want to visit, and now I want to visit even more!

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Hahaha I wouldn’t be mad at that! Yesss, come here, come here! I’ll show you around :hugs:

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OMG YES! :star_struck: I saw that too. When you come here for the project, let’s visit that restaurant! Virgilio Martínez Véliz is amazing~

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