Daniela from (currently) Hannover, Germany

Hi everyone!

I’m Daniela, 28-years old and I was born and raised in Bavaria (the beautiful South of Germany). After turning 18, I moved across Germany to the North and lived in places like Aurich, Hamburg and Kiel. Ever since I was always on the move :slight_smile:

In Kiel, I studied German and English to become a teacher and that was the reason I started working for Chatterbug! I was looking for an opportunity to combine my educational background and my love for travelling. I can’t thank the universe more for this platform! Learning new languages always comes with making new connections. Understanding cultures and people, learning about new environments and all through that gateway that is language. You see, I am very passionate about that topic :wink:

After I got my Bachelor’s degree I moved to British Columbia, Canada, for a year and lived the beautiful van life on the west coast (primarily on the beach). Travelling through North America was a wild, unexpected and just an amazing journey, that I can definitely recommend!

I love tutoring on Chatterbug since I can meet people from all around the world and not only teach, but also learn new interesting facts about the student’s culture during our lessons. It is always a lot of fun since I love to laugh :slight_smile:

I hope to see and connect with you in a lesson one day!