Elisabeth in USA

Hi everyone,

I live in Los Angeles and am originally from Argentina. My parents are German, and so my first language is German as well. :grinning:
I’m fluent in German, then Spanish (as I grew up and went to school in Argentina) and now English (have been in the US for some time).
I’ve been a tutor for Chatterbug since May 2019 and enjoy it very much, as it gives me a chance to meet so many students from different backgrounds…love to learn about new cultures, traditions, etc.
In my free time I enjoy the beach, go for walks in nature, movies, dancing, meet with friends.


Hi Elisabeth

If you put up your availability, I can book you in :slight_smile: Night lessons work well for me so that would be in the day time for you I think :slight_smile:Kellie

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Hi Kelly :hibiscus:,

I stopped posting my available times, because once I worked full-time, it was a limited amount of students I could work with.
I can try to post my times again, but just like we talked the other day, from 3 PM your time until you go to bed…hahaha…it should be okay. Unless I have other things happening.
thanks for wanting to book me!! :four_leaf_clover:
see you in a while,


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