Emilie from France

Bonjour, I am Emilie. I was raised in the south of France and obtained a master’s degree in social sciences in Belgium.

I am a musical & cultural producer and curator in the fields of sound art and electronic music with my project Blind Signal Berlin. Filmmaker and essayist I had the chance to travel with my works. I used to live in Brazil, Belgium, Germany, USA, UK, Portugal and recently had the opportunity to stay in Vietnam. At the moment I am in France, in my little and sweet home town, called Figeac, in the Lot. :deciduous_tree: :sunny:

Beside my works I love to teach French, this allows me to meet great new people and share my skills about my own language. I teach French since almost 13 years to different students and levels.

I speak French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and I can take some small talk in German.
Learning and sharing are two key words for me.

I am very happy to be part of this community :blush:
Looking forward to meet you,


Wow! You have lived in many places - that’s really awesome and I am sure you have some great stories to share.

Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community, Emilie!