Emilie from Vancouver, Canada / Lived in London, UK 2014-2021 / Traveling from Canada to Argentina

Hi Everyone! :wave:

I’m Emilie from Vancouver, Canada :canada:, and I lived in London, UK :uk: for 7.5 years until September 2021! :smiley: Vancouver is a beautiful city, but I was craving living in a bigger city and there are so many opportunities in London.

I speak Spanish (B2/C1) :es: , French (B1) :fr:, and Portuguese (B1) :brazil: and love to travel :airplane:. So far I have been to 53 countries and I have so many left on my list! :world_map:

During lockdown I decided to complete my Teach English as a Foreign Language certificate so that I can share my love of language and culture with students around the world. I am studying Spanish on Chatterbug as well, so I am familiar with the platform and think it is awesome!

I just spent a few months in Canada visiting family and working on converting a Sprinter into a campervan. :minibus: I am now on the road traveling from Canada :canada: to Argentina :argentina: along the Pan-American highway.

Cheers, Emilie

A few photos from my travels:





Hey Emilie!,
Amazing profile, welcome to Chatterbug! :slight_smile:


Bienvenue Emilie ! Lovely pictures! :world_map:


Bienvenida @emiliewalker :hugs: Β‘QuΓ© chevere tenerte tambiΓ©n como colega!

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Gracias, Sandra! :smiley:

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