Emma from the US, living in Berlin

Hey hey!

My name is Emma and I am a student at Williams College in the US taking a year off of school because of coronavirus . During that time, I’ve been living in Berlin and practicing my German.

I grew up bilingual, speaking French :clipperton_island: with my mom and English :us: with my dad. Having family and cultural roots in both France and the United States shaped my identity significantly, and the way that I access my French roots, traditions, family, and culture, is through language. I think this is what has made me so curious about language learning-- it is a chance to get a peek at other countries, cultures, and ways of thinking and living that would otherwise be hidden. Some things just don’t translate!

I took some German in high school and then began learning Spanish at Williams, but I hope to keep learning these languages (and others!) more deeply throughout my life.

Outside of language-learning, I love to read, do yoga :person_in_lotus_position:, code, cook and bake. I am passionate about urban sustainability and climate work :herb:.

Language learning is a beautiful, fun, difficult, and rewarding journey. I can’t wait to start learning together! :grin: :catbee:


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community, Emma!

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Welcome Emma, nice to have you in the community!!


Hey Emma, thanks for having me today. It was great to have a lesson with you!

greetings from Italy


Oh thank you Ramy! It was lovely getting to know you and chatting in English :blush: