Estefania from Colombia 🇨🇴

Hi guys! My name is Estefania and l am a from Colombia. There, I studied to be an English teacher but I didn’t finish. I moved to Germany in October 2016, I wanted to learn German and I decided to become an Au pair and ended up staying.

I have been part of Chatterbug for a year and l have really enjoyed teaching my mother language, it has been a very interesting experience and I have met amazing people through the whole process, it is an incredible chance to get to learn more about your own language and about some other cultures too.

Right now I work and I am finishing my C1 German course!

Hope to keep reading you all around in the forums ! :star_struck:


¡Hola estefania! que bueno es ver a una compatriota por estos lados. También soy Colombiana, y también vivo en Alemania. Si alguna vez te pasas por Stuttgart háblame!.


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