Florine from Germany

Nice to meet you! :grin:
My name is Florine. I live in the south of Germany near the border of France and Switzerland. I speak English, German, and a bit of French (not a lot).
Since I was small, I have loved traveling, learning about languages, and getting to know different cultures. I think meeting people from all over the world is one of the most exciting things because there is always so much to learn!
A few of my hobbies are hiking, baking, reading, and playing the ukulele, but my top favorite is traveling!
I discovered my passion and joy for tutoring/teaching a few years ago. That’s why earlier this year I completed an online TEFL course, which I enjoyed a lot because it gave me a better understanding of tutoring and teaching in general.
Chatterbug has enabled me to pursue my passion and has given me the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and broaden my horizon.

I hope to see you soon!
Take care!



Hi Florine, nice to meet you too :smiley:


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community Florine!

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Hi Florine :smiley: nice to have you as a tutor on Chatterbug :sunflower: :100: :wave:

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