French movies you'll have to watch!

Hi french learners,

It is known that a really good way to learn a new language and improve your accent is to listen to native speakers. And you can do that while chilling out, by watching a movie in french. So here’s a list of some of the best french movies (for me) :

Tragedy :

  • Chocolat
  • Un sac de billes
  • Divines
  • Patients

Comedy :

  • Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu
  • L’ascension
  • Tout Ce Qui Brille

Comedy/tragedy :

  • Le Brio
  • Intouchable
  • Demain tout commence

Romance :

  • LOL
  • La Boum

Adventure :

  • La Guerre des boutons (2011)
  • Les Visiteurs

Series :

  • Lupin
  • Dix pour cent

Enjoy ! And let me know which one was your favorite ? Or if you already know some french movies ?


Merci pour les suggestions Melina !! I also really enjoyed Divines and Patients :raised_hands:
If you’re looking for some other movie recommendations, this post was also really nice! :wink:


These two are absolutely amazing !
I hadn’t seen that somebody have already talk about this… but there’s always new movies to discover ! Thaaanks


@melina_monnet I love the movie LOL! Another version was made in English with Miley Cyrus, but it is definitely not as good as the original in French. The soundtrack is great too!


Yeeah I saw both and I honestly prefer the french version too !

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I love watching French movies, especially comedies. Here are some I’ve enjoyed:

Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglement - ridiculous romantic comedy

Il à déja tes yeux - funny comedy but with a serious message

Cloclo - dramatic biopic about the singer Claude François who wrote the song “My Way”. Gripping but sad.

Rien à déclarer - slapstick comedy about the removal of the border between Belgium and France, with a Romeo & Juliet twist thrown in

For series, I’m currently watching Call my agent! on Netflix, which is super funny.


Oh I just watched “Cloclo” yesterday @mgm ! :star_struck: I did not expect it to be so good, the actor who plays Claude François is incredible and even if I am not a fan of the singer I was captivated by the story!
“Call my agent” (“Dix pour cent” in French) is one of my favorite series, very original and funny!! :hugs:


I have recently been watching the series “Le Bureau” and wow, it is amazing. It’s a series about agents of the DGSE, and the relationships between them. It’s a complex story but so worth it.

The NPR TV reviewer in the United States said, “I wish I could watch two episodes a day until the end of time.” What a recommendation!


I’ve never heard about that, but it sounds great !
Thanks for the recommendation :heart_eyes:


I love this series @mgm!! It is called Le Bureau des légendes in French. Mathieu Kassovitz is one of my favourite actor (he also played in the movie Amélie and he directed the excellent drama L’Ordre et la Morale which takes place in New Caledonia @melina_monnet :wink: )


I caught a cold over the weekend :sneezing_face: and spent the past couple of days just resting on the couch. :tired_face: But, yay Netflix! A friend told me about a French reality TV series, The Parisian Agency (just L’Agence en francais?). It’s your typical silly reality show about a family who sells properties in France (well, and in Ibiza in one episode I watched).

The show itself isn’t my cup of tea, with lots of manufactured drama and such, BUT the dialog is simple enough, and generally slow enough, that I can follow along and get the majority of the “plot” even with my rudimentary level of French! The show may not be very good but it’s a whole lot more interesting than watching Peppa Cochon :rofl:


One of my all times favourites is “Le diner des cons”. Superbe! I recommend to watch it in french as there are many jokes related to the use of the french language.


I’ve never seen this movie, but I’ve heard that it was really funny. I need to see it ASAP!!

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