French youtubers

Coucou! Do you have any recommendations for French-speaking Youtubers I can watch? I’m mainly interested in fun facts about the language and the culture, a little bit like Karambolage :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


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Hi Stefanie, the closest thing that I can think of is the YouTube channel of the french newspaper Le Monde. Doc7 is also quite good and informative, although he talks about fun facts in general, not only the ones related to French culture. Last but not least: Paul Taylor’s What the Fuck France is super funny and a satire of many french clichés. I mention it last because it’s mostly in English even if it was produced in France, but it’s still pretty worth if you’re interested in French culture in my opinion.

Hope this is useful,
Bon visionnage!


Thanks so much, Miguel! I’ll try those and let you know :smiley:!

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I saw this one about The Lion King, which I really liked! But watch out, there are spoilers! :rofl: