Geraldine from Switzerland, living in Germany

Hey amazing,

I have moved 23 times in my life so far, from NY - Vienna - Zürich (born) - to Munich right now. I love talking to people who have passion for something in their life, what is yours? :slight_smile:

As I have worked in different industries, Software to horse riding instructor to psychology and many things in between, well talking to people from around the world is just great. PS: And that is why I love Chatterbug - because (so far to be honest) I have only met super great, amazing people here from all over the place.

I honor you to take on the challenge of learning a new learning to communicate better, learn new cultures, and will help where I can to make it fun and interesting.

See you in one of our calls or have great fun learning


(pssst little upcoming secret — :speak_no_evil: we will be able to meet at the upcoming Chatternacht in MUNICH but psssst only for those who dare to have the most fun learning night in Munich) :slight_smile:


:grin::grin::grin: Very much looking forward to this!