German Podcast Recommendations?

I’m wondering what everyone listens to in German. I have a 20-minute commute and am looking for ways to get in some good German listening practice. There is a News in Slow German Podcast, for example. What else is out there?
I’d be especially interested in any podcasts that tutors could recommend. I found this list, but I’m looking for recommendations from people who have listened to something they liked.


Hey Shannon, here’s some ideas from platforms that I know and find recommendable:

Top Thema (Deutsche Welle)
Actual news reports in a bit easier and slower German! They usually cover interesting topics.

Sprachbar (Deutsche Welle)
This one is for advanced learners and explains funny words and expressions and where they come from and even a bit of grammar.

Deutsche im Alltag - Alltagsdeutsch (Deutsche Welle)
This one’s from Deutsche Welle and for advanced learners, too. You should def give it a try. It focuses more on German everyday life.

Deutsch perfekt Audio
Deutsch perfect is my favorite magazine for German as a second language, but they also offer a 60 minute audio trainer every month wtih texts, dialogues and exercises. But this is actually something you’d have to pay for.


Thanks for the recommendation @kjanina! I just listened to a few of the Top Thema clips and they are exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Hopefully I’ll be able to check out the others soon.


The suggestions by @kjanina are awesome!
I have some suggestions if you ever find yourself looking for Podcasts in German that are not targeted at learners, but rather German speakers. These are some I’ve enjoyed listening to:

Das Böse
If you’re a true crime podcast lover, this is a long form podcast where the stories span multiple episodes. However, be warned that the content is pretty gruesome.
Deezer also has a nice big list of podcasts in case you feel like perusing other topics. A number of them aren’t produced by Deezer so you can subscribe elsewhere.

Eine Stunde Film
There are lots of interviews on this podcast and discussions between the hosts and guests about film and television. I find them good for getting used to fast spoken banter. There are lots of podcasts at Deutschlandfunknova worth taking a look at too.

I also like the podcasts produced from, particularly Feinkost

Happy casting!


If you’re a bit more advanced and need something to keep your brain working, I can recommend the podcasts by Zeit ONLINE. They have something for everyone. I like to listen to their true crime podcast Verbrechen, but there’s also ones about politics, science, trivia, history, news,… (Side note: If you’re not reading Zeit ONLINE, you should be :newspaper:)


@Shannon now you can listen to Chatterbug’s new podcast in German - Long Story Short: