Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 - Asmir

About me

Hello there. The name’s Asmir. I was born in Yugoslavia but raised in Germany. Bavaria to be more precise. I am at the tender age of 26 and despite being raised in the south, I am not particularly fond of alcohol beer. I love making the occasional movie or game reference that no one seemingly gets and I appear to make jokes, more often than not, without realising it. I also am veeery passionate about cooking and drawing.

What I am up to right now

I had the pleasure of being on Chatterbug since Nov. 2017. I enjoyed talking to hundreds of students all over the world because of it. I couldn’t dream of a more fulfilling job. But despite that, I am still attending university, studying economic computer science with the goal of achieving a bachelors degree.


Despite being born in Yugoslavia, I retained next to none of the language I was meant to call my mother tongue. So I consider myself to be a German :de: native. I am also very fluent in English :uk: , know a few basics in French :fr: and am currently looking into learning Japanese :jp: .

Motivation and how I came to be a tutor

Almost 2 years ago I started working on Chatterbug. Back then, I was fairly inexperienced in tutoring and everything surrounding it. But I found great joy in it. I Took advice from wherever I could find it and invested time and effort into polishing not only my audio and video equipment, but also learning about the experience a student should have here. I am glad I was provided the opportunity to get started on this wonderful platform.

With all of that being said, I hope we get to see each other soon and have a swell time together.

See you around :slight_smile:


I am going to Fulda today to buy a car

Entshuldigung Asmir, mein connection wurde unterbrochen. Ich wunsche dir ein schones wochenende!