How to send a Private Message to your favourite tutor

Dearest students

Are you wanting to send your favourite tutor a message, but don’t want to make it public?
After many requests, here is the answer!

  1. Click on “Community” on the left-hand side of your screen.

  1. Scroll down to the “Tutor Introductions” and select the appropriate language.

  1. Search for the tutor you are looking for and open up their profile.

  1. Click on their picture

  1. Click on “message” and type up a storm!

I hope this helps! :star2:


Hi @Andy2401 ! :blush:
Here are the instructions on how to send a private message.
I hope it helps! :star2:

Great step by step @ChereeKr ! Thanks for writing this up!

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You’re welcome @Megan :star2:

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Thank you for a great lesson today! :blush:

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You are welcome @Elbmiri! It was great seeing you again! :blush:
I hope these instructions are helpful! :star2: