🍷🧀💃 Ibti from Morocco , living in Germany

Hi, Salut, Salam, Hallo, Hola !!

I am Ibtissam from Casablanca, Morocco.

I’m a very active, positive and social person.
Connection to others gives me a lot of energy and positivity, I love meeting people, traveling and discovering new cultures (I have friends almost everywhere).

I grew up speaking Arabic and French, then I learned English, Spanish 4 years ago out of curiosity and love for the culture, and now I’m in the process of learning German (I would love to learn Italian or Dutch next)
I LOVE FOOD AND WINE :wine_glass:
(Sushi, pizza, dumplings, pasta, ceviche, couscous…)
I’m open to try all kind of dishes but I’m not so much into cooking them
Good bread and cheese are what usually save my day haha,
I have so many talents and cooking is not one of them but I love baking.
Wine or beer? definitely wine but i still enjoy different beers (my favorites are dutch and Belgium)
I ENJOY SPORTS :woman_cartwheeling:
As a kid I learned Karate and I used to go horseback riding back home. Now I’m always up for a run, cardio trainings, a hike or trying new sports.
And as much as I feel the need to connect to other I need to find time to be connected to myself, either with a nice yoga session or getting lost in my thoughts.
MUSIC AND DANCE :dancer:, i play Ukulele and i dance on almost everything, i enjoy feeling the rhythm and learning new dances.

I hope this little text helped to get to know me a bit:)
à bientôt


Hi Ibti, welcome to the community! I am excited to learn more about moroccan food!

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Welcome, Ibti! Great to hear that you’re a big fan of learning languages. So are we! :wink:

I look forward to meeting you in a Live Lesson soon!

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Hola, Ibti :blush: Bienvenida! Que bueno tenerte aquí.

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Hiiiii Lari, thank you :slight_smile: i can tell you all you want, depending on what you like i can definitely recommend some dishes for you :smile:

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Helloooo Maddy, thank you
Looking forward to it as well :dancer:

Bonjour Ibti ! Et bienvenue !! :hugs: Je suis curieuse : pourquoi as-tu mis un chat et une moto dans ton titre ? (j’ai lu deux fois ta bio et tu n’en parles pas haha !)


Hola Sandraaaa,
Que bien, muchas gracias
estoy feliz de estar aquí :star_struck:

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Hellooooo Amadine ! Merciiiiii
hahahahaha je pense que c’est une erreur du système, á la base j’ai choisi l’emoji du superhéros et je ne sais pas comment je me suis retrouvé avec ça. :rofl: :rofl:

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Hahaha ok! :rofl: Tu peux le modifier si tu veux (ou le laisser si tu veux intriguer d’autres personnes :sweat_smile: )

je viens de le modifier hahah un peu de vin, fromage et de dance hahahaha