Jakobus from south Germany, living in Yucatan, Mexico

Hello, great people :blush:

My name is Jakobus Joaquin. I am a passionate and professional German teacher. In both: language and culture, with over 10 years of experience. I am half German and half Mexican and I speak German and Spanish as a mother tongue, English and currently I am learning French.

I love communication, languages and traveling. :earth_americas: In my travels I visited the four corners of the world and I know, today in our modern world - it is more important than ever to understand and learn from each other than ever.

The most important thing in learning is to love :heart: and to have fun doing it. That’s why, beside knowledge, humor is one of the most important :old_key: keys, in my classes. Let’s have fun!!! And feel great looking at our great results!!!

I was born and I grew up in south Germany, Schorndorf - near Stuttgart, a great town where famous thinkers, such as Albert Einstein, Karl Benz or my father are from. My mother is Mexican and speaks as a language professor 7 languages.

Today I live half a year in beautiful Yucatan, Mexico and the other part of the year in wonderful Stuttgart, Germany.

In my spare time, I love to play cello, getting in touch with new people and riding my horse, :horse_racing: Logan.

As a sport I do fencing, :person_fencing: floret in which I was part of the German national team back in 2004.

My advice – and in my opinion, to all those who think German is a difficult language is that also a heavy door, only needs a small key :old_key: :wink:



nice to meet you :smiley: :wave:



Great profile @JAKO, bienvenue!! :catbee: Languages, travel, cello, horses and fencing, that’s a lot of good stuff to talk about in a live lesson! I’m sure you’ll like it here :hugs: :blush:


Great profile, @JAKO! Wow, that photo of you and your horse is amazing, it looks like you are in a movie!

Welcome to the Community. :slight_smile:


Hola, Jakobus :happyllama:.¡Bienvenido a Chatterbug!

Me parece genial que hayas podido crecer con la posibilidad de conocer dos culturas tan distintas, pero a la vez tan bonitas.

La frase final me encantó, tienes toda la razón, al final solo se necesita una llave pequeñita para abrir tal puerta :blush:.

Si tienes cualquier duda porfa escríbela en nuestro Foro que aquí siempre estamos para ayudarte :hugs:.