Janina from Germany

Hi there! :imma_star:

As the Tutor Community Manager here at Chatterbug my responsibilities include everything that is important to our tutors. I’m exchanging messages with our tutors on a daily basis and I send out regular feedback to them. Besides that, I’m accompanying new tutors through the onboarding process and I create advanced tutor trainings.

My native language is German :de:, I’m fluent in English :us: and Spanish :happyllama: and currently I’m learning French :fr:. I would love to learn a language that uses different characters, like Arabic or Japanese, next.

Learning (about) languages is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m a generally curious person, so I enjoy learning something new every day. Of course, sometimes I need to switch my mind of, too. Then, I take care of my little garden, do yoga or go climbing/bouldering.

I’m currently living in Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) :european_castle: and of course I spend a fair amount of time at our headquarter in Berlin :catbee: with the other Chatterbugs.

My background

Back in Highschool I spent a semester in Canada :canada:, I used to be a Primary School Teacher in Zürich :switzerland:, I worked in Teacher Education in Nürnberg :de: and my most recent adventure took me to Argentina :argentina: . I originally joined Chatterbug as a German tutor, while I was living in Buenos Aires. Through tutoring, I met so many new people from all over the world. Every student is unique and shared so many stories about their culture and everyday life with me. Because of Chatterbug’s conversational approach during the Live Lessons it was not only me sharing my native language, German, but also the students made me learn a lot.

Talk to you soon! Bis bald! Hablamos pronto! À bientôt! :wave: :speech_balloon: