Janina from Germany

I’m originally from Konstanz (southern Germany), but now I’m living in Nürnberg (Germany) and of course I spend a fair amount of time at our headquarter in Berlin.
At Chatterbug I’m part of the Tutor Community Management, so my responsibilities include everything that is important to our tutors! I try to answer to our tutor’s messages and questions as fast as possible, I give them regular feedback and I’m working on improving the tutor onboarding process and advanced training.

My native language is German :de:, I’m fluent in English :us: and Spanish :argentina: and I’m currently learning French :fr:. Learning (about) languages is one of my favorite hobbies.

I was a tutor on Chatterbug!
I originally joined Chatterbug as a German tutor, while I was living in Buenos Aires to learn Spanish. What I loved about tutoring on Chatterbug was, that I met new people from all over the world everyday. Every student is unique and shared so many stories about their culture and everyday life with me. So because of Chatterbug’s conversational approach during the Live Lessons it was not only me sharing my native language, German, but also the students made me learn a lot. By showing my interest in each and every student I not only helped them with their fluency in German but also with their confidence to speak in a foreign language.

And before Chatterbug?
I studied to become a Primary School Teacher in Switzerland, worked there for a little bit and then moved to Nürnberg for an additional masters degree in organizational pedagogy. Also I was working in Teacher Education for 2,5 years.