Jess from Heidelberg, Germany

Hello all!

I’m Jess, 25 years old, and currently live in Heidelberg. I’m studying English and Maths to become a teacher, and being nearly at the end of my studies I’m also at an interesting point in my life, not knowing what will happen next and where it will take me… :earth_africa:

I may be a little linguistics nerd, because I think languages are really fascinating and I love learning about the backgrounds and underlying reasons for structures of languages. There are so many similarities between languages, which just blows my mind! (Also, connecting new things you learn with things you already know is the most effective way of remembering them :thought_balloon:).

I recently started to learn Swedish :sweden: (still struggling to pronounce the rolled R in the front of the mouth) and also hope to learn Danish, Norwegian and Finnish one day - if only there were more hours in a day! But as I also love travelling and photography I do believe I will find opportunities to explore many more languages and countries throughout my life. I lived a year in new Zealand and a year in England before, and also spent some time in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, India and Sweden. I’m drawn toward the ocean and love everything that has to do with whales :whale2:, and if I could dream a little dream I’d live next to the sea one day :ocean: I also love creating things with fabric and yarn (sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery - you name it) and definitely have a sweet-tooth.

Oh, and a fun fact - or at least I think it’s kind of funny as I’m here to teach German: My last name includes the German word for “black” :black_heart:

Hoping to see many of you soon and looking forward to an amazing time on Chatterbug!
Bis dann,
Eure Jess


You are welcome at Chatterbug @miss_schwarz, great to have you with us.
Your family name fits very well to the nearby Schwarz-Wald :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:
What kind of things do you create with fabric and yarn? Clothes or decoration?

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Hey Jess, Welcome to Chatterbug!
Haha what a small world, I’m studying in Heidelberg as well! All the best on finishing your degree! :blush:


Hi Jess :blush: It is so nice to have you here :raised_hands:. May I ask is Swedish a difficult language to learn? I would also like to begin at some point with Danish, but I’m still learning German, so I’ll have to wait :smile:.

Thank you Stephan :blush:
I love to knit scarves and socks (one can never have too many of either! :wink:), and sewed a wonderful bright yellow raincoat a while back, but apart from that I don’t usually make clothes but rather other useful things like little bags, pencil cases, or backpacks. When I’m crocheting I mostly make amigurumis (small stuffed animals / creatures), which counts as decoration I guess, since I don’t have any children that would play with them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi JoAnn, thank you! :blush:
I saw on your profile that you like exploring and finding hidden gems, I totally recommend to check out the stone quarry in Dossenheim if you haven’t already :slight_smile: It’s really beautiful to walk up there, nice views and something to learn about the region as well, since they’ve put up information boards at various points on the walk. Best of luck with your studies as well!


Hi Sandra, thanks a lot! :blush:
Personally I think Swedish is a really sweet language! If you know English and some German I think the rules and words are easy to learn and you will be able to read Swedish very quickly! I think the pronunciation is harder and also Swedes somehow speak really fast and contract a lot of words so it’s difficult to understand spoken language at a normal pace. However, there are options to practice listening to “easy” Swedish, which is Swedish pronounced more clearly (words separated and not contracted) and at a slower pace. For example the “nyheter på lätt svenska” which is free on! I heard Danish is quite similar to Swedish but I have no personal experience in that department (yet), so I’m still waiting to discover that language myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jess,

nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:

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