Jess from Switzerland 🇨🇭 🌻

Hello lovely chatterbug community

My name is Jess (she/her) and I currently live in Switzerland.

Last year I started my 3 year bachelors degree programme in food sciences.
Before my studies, I did a vocational training as a pastry maker, later worked as a bike messenger and got my vocational baccalaureate.
After that I travelled multiple times to various places.
I am all about food and travelling! :earth_americas: :yum:

One of my most recent and biggest adventures was to travel through the States and Kanada with my friend and our own camper-van for about 6 months. :evergreen_tree: :minibus: :dash: :evergreen_tree:

I love to discover new places, meeting new people, tasting new and different kinds of foods and learning new languages.

My mother-tongue is German and I also grew up with Hungarian. My english Level is C1, my French is B2 and I know a little bit of Spanish from my travels to Colombia :colombia: and some very few words in Japanese from my travels to Japan :jp:

What I think is, that when you want to master a new language, it’s all about communication and repetition. I have experienced that my English, French and Spanish had improved so much outside of the classroom when I was actually using everything I have learned on paper with people around me.

I’m very happy to :catbee: here on chatterbug and help you on your path of improving your german. I know that, sometimes it can be challenging to get out there and talk to strangers. This is the perfect platform to feel comfortable and practice a new language. This is the way to go! You decided to get yourself out here and get going!

I cannot wait to meet you and talk to you

Bis bald!


If you are curious about my hometown :point_down:

I live in beautiful Basel. It’s in nortwest of switzerland and crosses borders with France and Germany. It’s a very open and multicultural city. Our river “der Rhein” flows right through the city and makes for a perfect space to meet people and to take a swim when it’s really hot during summer. We have a lot of museums, cultural events and there are no cars in the city which makes it perfect to discover Basel by foot or with a bike. :bike: :city_sunrise:


Hola, Jess :grinning: We are really happy to have you here! That’s a cool adventure with your camper- van you mentioned in your bio, how was it? :hushed:

I’m from Colombia, :blush: which cities did you visit? I hope you liked it!

Hope you have fun with your LL and if you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to connect with us here in the Forum :happyllama:.


Welcome at Chatterbug @sunnny. Enjoy tutoring and have fun!

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Hallo liebe Sandra :sunflower:

Thank you so much!

Oh it was wonderful and I would love to do something like that after my studies again.

Ohh that’s so cool! Which city are you from? And which one is your favorite to visit?
I visited Cartagena, Santa Marta, Palomino and then la Quajira. It’s such a beautiful and diverse country, I fell in love with it.

What’s an LL :slight_smile: ?

Have a blessed day!


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LL = “Live Lesson” with the students :wink:

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Thank you Stephan! I feel so welcomed already!
I am happy to bee :catbee: here :wink:

Hala, querida Jess :blush:

Pleasure! I can imagine the landscapes must be breathtaking :hugs:.

I’m from Bogotá, but I haven’t visited that many cities yet, but I think there are a lot that are quite unique and most important diverse. I’m glad you loved it :star_struck:.

As @SKrausser said, LL is a short way to say Live Lesson :grin:.

Have a nice day as well! :happyllama:

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Hi Jess!
What a cool bio! What would you say are the 5 essentials for traveling in a camper-van? Hehe I would definitely like to do a road trip around the States sometime. :blush:

Welcome to Chatterbug! :catbee:

Hi JoAnn

It’s a pleasure. Thank you so much. :catbee:

Oh I can only recommend doing that!

Thank you for asking

The 5 things I think you’ll need:

  1. You can do van-trip alone and you’ll meet many people on the way but I would definitely encourage you to bring atleast someone along who is like-minded and loves new challenges. So the two (or more) of you can explore and share many beautiful experiences together. :couple:

  2. A National parks pass! (you should visit the national parks and you save a lot of money by getting the annual pass) :national_park:

  3. Enough water! Water is life :blue_heart:

  4. Enough underwear, in case you don’t get to do laundry very often :bikini::wink:

  5. I think we made the “mistake” and packed way too many things. Essentials can be bought on the go if you need em. I would definitely say that Less is more. Forsure in this case. Rather leave some things at home that you aren’t 100% sure you’ll need. Space is very important when living in a van :slight_smile:

What would the first state be, that you’d want to visit if you’d go on a van-trip?

happy to bee :catbee: here

all the best



Thanks so much for the tips! I will definitely keep them in mind. :grin:
I would like to start somewhere on the East coast. Maybe South Carolina, since I have family there. :blush:

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