Jimmy from Germany

Hallo liebe Chatterbug community :slight_smile:
My name is Jermaine but most friends call me Jimmy. Iā€™m 25, born in Germany, half American but living and studying medicine in Romania since 5 years. Iā€™m really into music, playing instruments and into cars :sweat_smile:

I love working for Chatterbug because it offers me one of my favorite things to do and that is to meet new people and to have interesting talks with someone who has a different opinion due to their different culture and/or personal experience.

I like to make classes in a way that the student can enjoy it just as much as I do! For me it is important to get to know all my students on a more personal level, so that they not only feel comfortable speaking german without being afraid to make mistakes but also in order to have some deeper conversations about personal issues, politics, faith, the normal daily craziness or whatever is on our hearts. :slight_smile:
Because of this personal relationship I was also fortunate enough to learn many many things from the students :slight_smile:
Iā€™m feeling blessed being able to work for this platform and Iā€™m looking forward to get to know all the other dedicated people on Chatterbug, students as well as the other tutors :slight_smile:
Languages :de: :us: :romania:


Hey Jimmy, thanks a lot for correction my last composition! :slight_smile:
Nice to hear from you! I have the most basic package now (I have got 4 tandem partners, 1 hour per week with each). But I hope to see you sometime soon. All the best, Erica.