Joelle from Germany


my name is Joelle and I live in Cologne. I’m a native speaker in German, fluent in English, advanced in Spanish and just started to learn Polish. I see language as a key to understand another culture and that’s why I am happy to work with Chatterbug. I am looking forward having conversations with students from all over the world and helping them improving their German skills!

See you soon,


Hi Joelle !

Welcome to the community ! I’d be curious to know what are your motivations and challenges in learning polish ?

Hallo Joel,
Mein Name ist Pat Patton und wir haben einen Termin am Freitag. Ich komme aus den USA, South Carolina. Seit Fünf Jahren lerne ich Deutsch. Ich bin froh, dass du mir helfen kann, mein Deutsch zu verbessern. Ich kann kaum warten, bis Freitag. Tschüss Pat