Johan from Germany 🇩🇪

Hey guys :wave:

My Name is Johan and I’m currently living in Quebec City in Canada.
I’m level 24 and was born and raised in Stuggi (Stuttgart city) south-west germany by french parents.

If I’m not wasting my time watching movies or series I’m either cooking, doing sport (exercise or fighting sport), reading a book, drawing, editing pictures or enjoy hanging out with my friends.

I love good talks, good movies where acting, storyline, musik and picture create a masterpiece , interesting books and traveling which broaden my horizon, and most of all > People who cook for me! :yum: :smiley:

Obviously I like communication, to learn languages, to teach and to meet and talk to people all over the world.

Jobwise I did work in every sector of gastronomy, as a stagehand, as a self imployed in MLM and all the stuff you try when you are young :sweat_smile:, as a vendor of quality meat in the “Markthalle Stuttgart” and as a freelancer optimizing privat insurances.

I studdied Business-Information-Systems for 3 Semesters and I’m currently preparing for my studies in psychology in Berlin.

That’s it from my end, see you after you hit the “ready to start the live-lesson” button :grinning: :v:


I like that you see age like levels in a video game, Johan. How’s the weather in Quebec? Hope you’re getting some end of summer sun before it gets real :snowman_with_snow:

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@rynmnfrd Fortunately the weather is really nice right now. I’m hoping for a late :sun_with_face:
My strategy is to flee from the :snowman_with_snow:
I think -30C with 2 Meters of snow is a one time experience.
But one time is more than enough so I will come back to germany in September :sweat_smile: :de: