Julia from France

Bonjour ! :slight_smile:

My name is Julia, I’m from Normandie in France.

At the moment I’m in New-Zealand, in a family in Christchurch. I’ve been traveling (and been in lockdown too !) around the country for eight months, I love it ! It is gorgeous, and the people are so nice.

I have a multimedia engineer diploma, which means I studied maths, physics, computer sciences but also video-making. I specialized in the latter in Stuttgart, then I went on studying cinema in a prep school in France.
I’ve had students for seven years now, and I just love teaching. I can’t wait to meet new students on Chatterbug and have a good time speaking French :slight_smile:

I’m interested in sciences and cinema, obviously, but also in many other things. I learn German, Japanese and Esperanto ; I play the piano, flute and love to sing ; I work in summer camps in the summer, my favorite ones are Harry Potter themed, in England !
I just love to learn anything that I can !

I hope I’ll meet you soon,
À bientôt !


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community Julia!

Bonvenon, Julia :wave:t3:

Bienvenue Julia !
Please send us some pictures of New-Zealand !!

Thank you @Megan ! So happy to be part of it !

Dankon @Laurena ! Estas cxiam granda plezuro renkonti esperantiston :slight_smile:

Merci @Mise ! Here are some pictures (so hard to chose, New Zealand is so fantastic!)


Merci beaucoup ! Ces photos sont magnifiques :grinning: