Katharina from Black Forest, emigrated to Indonesia

Hi German learners! :wave:

I am Katharina (Katha), 34, from the beautiful Black Forest in Germany! I love my hometown Waldkirch close to Freiburg very much, but I left Germany in May 2019 to live with my - now finally! -husband in Indonesia. We live on his home island Bali and I spent the last year studying Indonesian language at the university in Denpasar. My university program finished in July 2020, now I speak Indonesian on a good level but I am still learning something new every day. My husband is now learning German, therefore I know what challenges you are currently facing! That’s also how I got the idea to support others who started the exciting journey of learning German, that’s why I became a tutor on Chatterbug!

Besides Bahasa Indonesia I am fluent in English. I learned French and Spanish in school but honestly I forgot a lot about it! Right now I am learning the Balinese language, but that’s a total different level and really not easy… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

When I was still living in Germany I was working as a social worker in a school which had special classes for kids who just arrived new in Germany and who didn’t speak any German yet. I liked my work a lot because no day was like the other and when I came to the school in the morning, I never knew what exactly would happen on that day. And of course it was nice to support the kids in their first time in a foreign country and to learn from their way of life and culture.

And now I am the foreigner here in my new home, and also now in my new life one day isn’t like the other. I need to adapt to live in a totally different culture, with a different way of life and a different philosophy. That’s definitely not easy everyday but but a great asset to me!

If you are thinking about a nice holiday in Germany, I can totally recommend to visit my absolutely lovely hometown Waldkirch. Waldkirch is a part of Schwarzwald and has a lot to offer for tourists. A piece of history flashes out from every nook and cranny, old walls, picturesque chapels or a curious fountains. You need some time and good shoes to discover everything - at the latest when the Kastelburg is to be conquered. The castle ruins, shrouded in mystery, not only attract visitors from abroad, but also inspire their own residents again and again. A group has come together to bring the history of the Kastelburg back to life again and again in a nightly drama. The tower tours have become a real insider tip and allow you to experience the history of Waldkirchen’s landmark in an entertaining way.

Waldkirch really has a lot to offer and lets us experience the past in a very modern way. The virtual city tour, which shows and describes historical buildings and places in Waldkirch, offers an overview of other historical sites in Waldkirch.

So plan your next trip to my beautiful home and enjoy the calm but interesting city in the middle of black forest!

I look forward to see you in a live lesson and to assist you on your German learning journey! :hugs:


Welcome to Chatterbug Katharina!

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Thank you! I am excited to finally start now with my live lessons :star_struck:

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Welcome the Chatterbug Tutor Community, Katharina! Happy to have you :sunny:

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Thank you Megan! I am happy, too :blush::blush::blush:

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Sorry! I thought it was at 7:45!!!

I am here if it is possible to do the last 20 minutes together.


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Hi Catherine,

no problem! The program shuts down automatically if the student doesn’t appear after 10 minutes, so we can’t connect if it’s already later. See you next time :blush::blush::blush:

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Welcome to Chatterbug Katharina! :partying_face:
I am amazed to see how you just learned a totally new language like Bahasa Indonesia and even reached a higher level :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is truly motivating :sparkles:
Greetings from Vienna :orange_heart:

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Thank you! Yes it’s not too easy (although Bahasa Indonesia isn’t as complicated as German for example) but motivation is the key! I want to live here in Indonesia and so I really wanted to be able to speak the language. I learned with Babbel and Duolingo for almost 3 years but I never could speak more then the basics. The real langue class with a teacher brought me to the higher level. So I am sure, Chatterbug and the live Lessons can do the same for all german students here!


Welcome to Chatterbug @Katharina,

How long did it take you to learn Bahasa Indonesia? I am facing a similar adventure at the moment – I want to try to learn Bahasa Melayu now.

Fortunately for me but unfortunately for my endeavour English is the lingua franca here in Malaysia.

Take care,


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Hi @Michael_G,

oh how nice! Good luck with Bahasa Melayu, I think it’s pretty similar to Bahasa Indonesia. It’s not even so easy to tell how long it took me. I started learning Bahasa Indonesia first in January 2016. But it was on and off and I never joined a course or class. I used Duolingo, sometimes every day, sometimes not at all for 3 or more months. I did this until May 2019 when I moved to Indonesia. From this time on I was “only” speaking the language whenever I had the opportunity. When I started the scholarship program in September 2019 I was on ~A2 level. For the university program I attended the class Monday - Friday with 3h/day for one year. In the end of this one year I got my C1 certificate. Also my classmates who started on zero Bahasa Indonesia skills got their C1 certificate in the end of that one year. So I would say if you learn Bahasa Malayu in this intensity in a class, you can reach C1 in one year. In my opinion it doesn’t need C1 to be able to communicate well with people. I guess you can be on a good level with less intense classes (maybe 2 a week) in some month. Have fun to learn!

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Thank you @Katharina , good to know. I visited Waldkirch once, by the way…

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@Michael_G oh really! Nice! I hope you liked it. What did you do in Waldkirch?