Kerstin from the US/Germany

Hello dear fellow tutors and hello students!

My name is Kerstin, originally from Munich, I now live in Washington State with my family, including three dogs, two cats and six horses.

I started “chatterbugging” in November 2018 and I really enjoy meeting students from all over the world.

Besides tutoring on Chatterbug, I train horses and teach classic dressage.

I also enjoy cooking, reading and I love history.

I am looking forward to meet new students and my fellow tutors.


Thanks for sharing, Kerstin! You should connect with fellow tutor @Lari1108 - she also works with horses, but mainly as a veterinarian!


Dear fellow Chatterbuggers :wink:

I will pause for a little bit - my life is about to change drastically.

We have been able to buy a bigger farm :star_struck: which means more horses and more training :star_struck:, but it also means: we have to move from WA State to Wisconsin.

It’s a big operation to move three horses and three dogs and all our stuff.

No worries - I will be back since I really enjoy tutoring, but it might take two or three weeks.

See you all soon!


Congrats on the new farm, Kerstin! That is very exciting. Thanks for letting us know you’ll take some time off from Chatterbug and see you when you get back!

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