Kiruba, Brit living in Berlin!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kiruba and I am a Brit living in Berlin. I have a sweet little son Pablo, a blue-haired daughter Lili, a bald chap Claudio, and a black cat Clara!

I’m a native English speaker from South Kent and was brought up bilingually in English and Tamil – language is in my soul!

Cooking is the other half of my soul, and before my son was born I founded and was head chef at a successful underground restaurant called Garlicbasher for some years.

I moved to Germany in 2009 and have been a professional English teacher and translator for 12 years for every level of learner with joy and glee!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Kiru 


Welcome Kiruba!! I love the description of your family :wink:
Hmm “Garlicbasher” what a nice name! :yum: Where was is located?

Hi Kiruba :wave: Welcome to the Chatterbug Community!

Hi Kiru :blush: Welcome to Chatterbug :hoverllama:. I’m sure you are going to like a lot. I never heard of Tamil language before, how interesting :blush:.

Furthermore, I imagine being a chef and then a teacher is a big change but how cool is it to be able to work with things you love! Have fun tutoring :catbee:.

Hi Amandine! I had it in Berlin - it was great fun and I was a chef until I was eight months pregnant with a big belly!

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Hi Maddy11!

Lovely to meet you, my dear!
Kiss Kiru x

Hi 27sp.sandra,

Lovely to meet you! Thank you for wecoming me here! I’m terrible at technology and computers, this is a new terraine for me! xx

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welcome to Chatterbug!