Kiruba, Brit living in Berlin!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kiruba and I am a Brit living in Berlin. I have a sweet little son Pablo, a blue-haired daughter Lili and a black cat Clara!

I’m a native English speaker from South Kent and was brought up bilingually in English and Tamil – language is in my soul!

Cooking is the other half of my soul, and before my son was born I founded and was head chef at a successful underground restaurant called Garlicbasher for some years.

I moved to Germany in 2009 and have been a professional English teacher and translator for 13 years for every level of learner with joy and glee!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Kiru 


Welcome Kiruba!! I love the description of your family :wink:
Hmm “Garlicbasher” what a nice name! :yum: Where was it located?

Hi Kiruba :wave: Welcome to the Chatterbug Community!

Hi Kiru :blush: Welcome to Chatterbug :hoverllama:. I’m sure you are going to like a lot. I never heard of Tamil language before, how interesting :blush:.

Furthermore, I imagine being a chef and then a teacher is a big change but how cool is it to be able to work with things you love! Have fun tutoring :catbee:.

Hi Amandine! I had it in Berlin - it was great fun and I was a chef until I was eight months pregnant with a big belly!

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Hi Maddy11!

Lovely to meet you, my dear!
Kiss Kiru x

Hi 27sp.sandra,

Lovely to meet you! Thank you for wecoming me here! I’m terrible at technology and computers, this is a new terraine for me! xx

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welcome to Chatterbug!

Dear Kiruba,

Happy Easter!
I have a problem.
I have chosen a new password , because I couldn’t reconstruct my old one.
I got a new account by chatterbug, but I am now again at the beginning of our lessons at A1
and they ask me to book a new abo. But I had already booked it. ( B1)
I have informed chatterbug and hope , they can solve the problem, so that we can continue tomorrow our lessons at 11 45.

good night,


Liebe Kiruba,
Chatterbug hat noch nicht geantwortet und das Problem besteht weiter.
Ich hatte mich schon sehr auf die Stunde gefreut.
Sie haben mir geschrieben, dass ich jetzt eine Stunde habe, aber immer, wenn ich drauf klickte kam: “Sie haben noch keine live lesson gebucht.” Ich hoffe, dass das Problem schnell gelöst werden kann und mit unserem Unterricht fortfahren können.
Irgendetwas muss ich falsch gemacht haben, dass ich wieder von vorne anfangen musste.

Ich hoffe, Sie sind nicht zu enttäuscht und entschuldigen Sie bitte das Malheur.

Herzliche Grüße

Raimund Blanke

Hello Raimund!

I am sorry for the problems that you have been having. You have booked a live lesson with me soon and I have accepted - let us talk about this in person and I can help you through this and talk directly to the chatterbug team. I am looking forward to teaching you again, as always!

With love,


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@anon43377222 and - our support team was able to solve the issues. Enjoy your Live Lesson together :slight_smile:

Dear Kiruba,

The problem was solved till yesterday , but suddenly , I have the same problem.
I am again in A1 and cannot continue my learnin in B1.
I don’ understand what is happening.

Can you help me?

thank you


@anon43377222 I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem. I have asked my colleagues from Customer Support to reach out to you personally and to check on your account settings.

Hi Raimund,

I will contact the Chatterbug asap and try to fix this problem for you.


Dear Raimund,
I have just sent the Chatterbug technical team a message asking for your level to be reset and we can wait for a reply. Looking forward to teaching you again soon!

Best wishes,

Kiruba, it turned out Raimund had logged in with an old, inactive account of his. We now deleted this account to avoid any confusion. We’re here in case one of you needs further support!

Thanks Janina! Samuel from your team was very prompt and friendly helped us both to solve this! I have a lesson with Raimund tomorrow and am sure everything will go swimmingly! Thanks for the help!

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Hello Kiru! my name is Christopher, I will have a Live Lesson with you tomorrow, see you.

Hi Kiru, I didn’t save your email to send you the essay we talked about. But we’ll see again on friday in another Live Lesson.