LilBee: International Girl (MX-CA-DE-CA)

Hey y’all!
My name is Lilian and I am a very international communications graduate. I was born in Mexico, moved at 4-years-old to Toronto, Canada, learned French in school and then went to study at a French-Immersion University, where I discovered a passion for German!

I moved to Munich, Germany in the fall of 2016 and lived there for 4 years, achieved a German C1 certificate, and then returned (before the COVID-19 Second Wave hit) to my hometown, Toronto. I am excited to share my passion for languages remotely to German and Spanish speakers looking to learn English and to German and English speakers looking to learn español!

I am a writer by profession, be it creative writing, copywriting, blogging, editing, etc. so I consider myself an expert in all things writing; be it punctuation, grammar, or format! If you have any questions about written English, don’t be scared to ask.

In my free time, I have been building up my writing portfolio with not one, not two, but FOUR screenplays. I love shows and movies, so I dream of making my own some day. Ask me which series I’m binging today! I also use my free time to play an interior design video game, paint landscapes, go out dancing with friends, cuddle with my furry white cat Loki, go for bike rides no matter the season, and discover new restaurants with friends.


I like the fact that you’ve had an international upbringing between Mexico and Canada. I also like the fact that you’re a creative writer who’s dared to share her opinions and thoughts in the public world.