Linn living in Berlin

Hi, I’m Linn! :heart_decoration:

I am from Cologne in Germany. I am currently living in Berlin for my studies! I am studying “Public and Non-Profit Management” and enjoying the freedom of Uni-Life!

For two years, I lived in Siargao - a small, remote island in the Philippines, where I spent most of my days surfing. Even though I happily moved back to Germany, there is not a single day I don’t miss my island life - And I cannot wait to visit the Philippines in my Uni Break again!
In Siargao I co-initiated a passion project to support the local families and kids during the pandemic. With a variety of activities we offer educational support, new experiences and nourishing food.

Whilst I was teaching the children on the island in 2020, I rediscovered my passion for languages and tutoring, which is why I started working with Chatterbug in January 2021.
It has been such an amazing experience meeting over 120 people from all over the world and teaching 300+ Live Lessons; I cannot wait to meet more of you and to be a part of your German-Learning-Journey. :woman_teacher:t2:

Besides my mother tongue German, I speak English. I am also familiar with a little Spanish and Italian, which I should definitely start practicing more! Currently I am trying to learn Siargaonon, which is the local dialect on the island.

Which languages do you speak? And what is your motivation to learn German? :de:

I would love to hear from you and hope to meet you in a Live Session very soon!

Linn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Lynn, great introduction :+1:. Nice to meet you as a fellow tutor :grinning:


Welcome @Linn_lu! Wow, what a great initiative you have founded! Great to have you onboard :slight_smile:


Hello Linn!!! Nice to have you on board and to be your colleague here in the Philippines! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello @Linn_lu, welcome to Chatterbug!

Sending this from the neighbouring Malaysia.

Enjoy your lessons and see you soon.


Hi Linn, good to know there are more chatterbug teachers around in the Philippines. If you ever come to Cebu, pass by.



Hello guys, the time has come for me to say Goodbye to Chatterbug for now! It has been a great journey and I am very glad to have met so many people from all over the world!
Hope to maybe see some of you in “real-life” one day! Take care everyone and keep on studying! :wink:

Wishing everyone all the best
Linn <3