Manuela from Austria

Hey, I am Manu from Austria and I have been a tutor on Chatterbug already since March 2017.

My passion and lifestyle is travelling, exploring, connecting with people and learning new languages (currently Spanish). I call myself a citizen of the world and have lived in several countries on different continents since 2014 - my favorite one Colombia, where I spent the most time so far.

Before itchy feet made me leave my job and beautiful home country Austria, I studied and was working in health education. Now I like spending summers in Austria and the rest of the year somewhere else, while I am working as a Digital Nomad (tutoring, proofreading and some other things).

I love to be a tutor on Chatterbug for many reasons. What I enjoy most is to connect with people from all over the world and share the passion for learning a new language and living in another country. I am interested in every single one of my students, about what makes them learn German and who they are. That´s why every live lesson is unique, fun and inspiring for me!


I am looking for best German Tutor - I am Native German speaker was 15 when I left for USA. 40 years in US now back in Austria for work.

I know German instinctually because it is my mother tongue but need to practice with conversation ie Tantum coaching. My business associates all speak english in business.

I have requested a tutor for today Sunday, 15th.


Hi George,
wellcome to Chatterbug and great that you are in my home country. You will find lots of great tutors here and have fun conversations to practice!
I m currently not tutoring, but maybe we´ll meet when I m back again.

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