Marcos from Argentina living in Switzerland

Hi everyone! nice to meet you all!
My name is Marcos. I’m from Cordoba Argentina :argentina: but currently I am living half of the time in Switzerland :switzerland:and the other half in Italy :it:. I’m doing my last year of a master in atmospheric physics. I grew up with my grandmother speaking a dialect of northern Italy: the “Lamonés”. Later, during high school and university I studied English and I also did some mandatory Portugese classes at university that ended up being really useful during frequent trips in Brazil :beach_umbrella:. I’ve always found it fascinating how our minds work when facing the situation of communicating in a different language and all the skills we develop in these challenging situations.

As a foreign french learner in Switzerland, I truly understand how important it is to have a native tutor to help you with your doubts and difficulties :exploding_head:, discuss about grammatics or just chat and laugh about funny language-related situations where we frequently find ourselves in (i.e. here in the French-speaking :switzerland: I still don’t know if I am going to meet someone to have breakfast, lunch or dinner! :joy:). I think that Chatterbug is the perfect tool to find the friendly tutor you need.

I like to say that I’m a sportive-outdoor kind of person . I’m a paraglider pilot and flying is my passion, I also love to ride my motorbike through the Sierras, go for a running session or just spend a quiet evening reading about other cultures, languages and travels with a great coffee :coffee: as the best company, which by the way is my main job when i’m back in Argentina.

I think the best memories are usually the ones we get when in good camaraderie, so why not build tons of them while learning a new language!

Can’t wait to meet you on the live lessons

nos vemos !!



Hola, Marcos :blush: Bienvenido y que gusto tenerte acá. Me puedo imaginar tu confusión con el francés, pero tienes la ventaja del italiano y el español, así que seguro aprenderás muy rápido. Disfruta tu semana y mucha suerte con tus LL :sun_with_face:.


Bonjour et bienvenue chez Chatterbug Marcos!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy being a tutor here :hugs:


Hola Marcos!

Bienvenido a Chatterbug! :wave:

Moi aussi je j’apprends le français, mais j’ai jamais parlé avec quelqu’un de la partie française de la Suisse. Je me demande si l’accent et l’argot est très different au français de la France. Qu’est ce que t’en pense? :thinking:

À bientôt j’espère!