Maria from Barcelona! :)

Hello! :wave:
I am Maria Bauer, a 21-year-old International Relations student and teacher from Barcelona, Spain :blush: I have spent 16 years of my life living in Germany, 3 in Spain, and 1 in the UK! You might have correctly guessed that I am a language and culture lover and love to ignite passion for languages in other people :bomb: My father is German and my mother is Spanish, which is a curious mix as they are pretty different cultures! But I would say I take the best of both worlds :blush:. I think that moving around a lot has turned me into a very flexible and open-minded person, and in the future I want to become involved in European politics or even the United Nations. My degree is preparing me for this path and I would say my biggest hobby is reading academical articles (sounds very boring, I know). I enjoy being busy and meeting loads of friends and new people, and I am in love with Barcelona, it is an amazing city which has soo many different faces! You should definitely visit! :star_struck:


Hey Maria! You are welcome at Chatterbug! Enjoy tutoring with us!

It sounds like you have chosen the right path, Maria! We’re happy to have you sharing your love of languages here with us at Chatterbug :slight_smile: Welcome!

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Hola, Maria :slight_smile: You’re right Barcelona it’s a beautiful city and one of my favorite cities :blush:. Welcome to Chatterbug and have fun in your LL.

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Hi Maria!
Welcome to Chatterbug! What a coincidence, I want to pursue a career in International Relations as well. Which University do you go to?
Maybe we’ll see each other at the UN. :wink: Until then, wishing you a great time during your lessons!


Barcelona, definitely one of the best cities ever! :heart: II hope to see you soon in Dublin :wink:

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